Gladiator Game Joystick for Smartphone Control


Product Description

Gladiator Game Joystick for Smartphone Control

Gladiator Game Joystick for Smartphone Control Suppor for IOS/Android Mobile Phone Tablet PC with Turbo Function Plus and Play


Product description:
1. The product does not need redundant game platform and complicated setting and activation operation, but only needs to download the special APP to set up simply;
(support android 6.0 or above, iOS11.0 or above);
2. The product is suitable for use during game operation when Android/iOS mobile and tablet devices are connected wirelessly;
3. Applicable devices: smartphone/tablet;
4. The product is mainly used for fighting and other simulation games on the mobile/tablet computer.
5. Ergonomic structure, comfortable feel;
Watch ShootingPlus for the default instructions to the public number. If you want to set the mapping key, download
Install ShootingPlus V3 APP, making key mappings and adjusting key positions within the APP!
Due to the problem of mobile phone system, some mobile phones may not support this device (e.g., mobile phones of mediatek platform cannot support this device).
Due to irresistible factors such as official game platform software upgrade or source code change, some games cannot be connected with this product, and our company shall not take any responsibility.
Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.
1. Product size: L138.6*W124.5* h50.8mm;
2. Product weight: 185g±5g;
3. Operating voltage: dc3.7v;
4. Operating current: <15mA;
5. Static current: <10uA;
6. Continuous use time: >15H;
7. Input voltage/current: DC5V/500mA;
8. Charging time: about 3 hours;
9. Wireless 4.0, transmission distance: ≤8M;
10. Battery capacity: 380mAh;
11. Standby time: fully charged for 40 days




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