absolute it USB Flash Drive 8,16,32, 64GB


Product Description

absolute it USB Flash Drive 8,16,32, 64GB

  • ✅【Beautiful LED Light】This cool USB flash drive will be shine when plugging into the USB port, bright day and night, build a relaxing atmosphere at night.
  • ✅【Exquisite Digital Gifts and Decoration】 This thumb drive is made of K9 crystal, 100% crystal clear, beautiful and charming, good choice for wedding gift, birthday gift or decoration.
  • ✅【Brushed Metal Housing】The USB flash drive come with brushed metal housing which made of tin alloy, it adopt metal wire drawing process, looks more beautiful, more stylish and more technological.
  • ✅【Storage Function】You could use this crystal USB flash drive to store all the audio, videos, documents, photos, software, instruction manuals etc.

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